In this episode, Newton delves into the often-overlooked challenges of working in IT organizations, emphasizing the need for transparency about these issues, and aiming to equip listeners with the awareness needed to navigate these challenges and foster resilience in the IT workplace.

Firstly, Newton explores the prevalence of office politics in IT, highlighting how favoritism and loyalty to managers can overshadow competence and hinder career progression. Next, he discusses the monotony of repetitive tasks in the industry, citing studies linking boredom to decreased mental health and physical well-being.

Newton also delves into the inefficiencies of meetings in corporate IT, where productivity is often hindered by excessive opinions and lack of focus. He then sheds light on the disguised stagnation in IT careers, where professionals may be kept in the same role for years under the guise of social benefits and fancy titles.

Another challenge highlighted is the constant need for upskilling and reskilling due to frequent changes within IT organizations. This perpetual cycle of learning can be overwhelming for long-term employees who find themselves constantly adapting to new tools and processes.

Newton also addresses the “Dream Abattoir” phenomenon, where ambitious aspirations often succumb to the demands and time constraints of full-time IT jobs. Many professionals find themselves unable to pursue side hustles or entrepreneurial endeavors due to the all-consuming nature of their IT roles.

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