In this episode, Newton sits down with the multitalented Ursula Eysin, founder and CEO of Red Swan, a Vienna-based consultancy that specializes in developing future scenarios. Ursula shares her fascinating journey from a show host and producer in opera, musical, film, and television to becoming a passionate technology consultant and communication professional. With her vast experience in tech, media, business, and politics, Ursula offers unique insights into the world of future scenarios and Generative AI.

The conversation delves deep into the concept of future scenarios, as Ursula explains how these scenarios can help organizations and individuals navigate uncertainties and make informed decisions. Her work with notable organizations, including Technology Ministries and the European Commission, underscores the importance and impact of future scenario development in shaping technological advancements and policies.

A significant portion of the discussion centers around Generative AI and its implications in modern times. The episode explores the transformative potential of Generative AI, acknowledging its benefits and the threat it poses to the jobs of creatives. It discusses how AI can augment creativity, but also the ethical and practical challenges it introduces, particularly in industries reliant on human artistic talent.

Tune in to navigate the complexities of future scenarios, the evolving landscape of Generative AI, and the balance between uncertainties, innovation, and preservation of creative jobs in this thought-provoking episode.

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