AI in Contemporary Times

AI in Contemporary Times AI in Contemporary Times AI in Contemporary Times AI in Contemporary Times

This free ebook provides readers with an insightful exploration of artificial intelligence and its implications in today’s world. From understanding the basics of AI to exploring its categories, subsets, and cutting-edge technologies like Generative AI and Large Language Models, the book delves into practical applications across business, industry, and society.

Navigating through the challenges and limitations of AI, readers areprompted to contemplate its future trajectory and its intersection with societal dynamics. Emphasizing the importance of building responsible AI systems, the book engages readers in discussions on ethical and moral dimensions, preparing them for an AI-driven future.

It is an indispensable guide for individuals seeking to understand and navigate the evolving landscape of AI, fostering informed and ethically grounded perspectives in the realm of artificial intelligence.


  • Introduction
  • CHAPTER 1 – Understanding Artificial Intelligence
  • CHAPTER 2 – Categories of AI
  • CHAPTER 3 – The Subsets of AI
  • CHAPTER 4 – Generative AI
  • CHAPTER 5 – Large Language Models
  • CHAPTER 6 – AI in Business and Industry
  • CHAPTER 7 – Challenges and Limitations of AI
  • CHAPTER 8 – The Future of AI
  • CHAPTER 9 – The Intersection of AI and Society
  • CHAPTER 10 – Building Responsible AI
  • CHAPTER 11 – Preparing for an AI-Driven Future
  • CHAPTER 12 – The Ethical and Moral Dimensions of AI
  • Conclusion




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