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In this episode of Tech with Newton, the focus is on laying down the fundamentals of information technology (IT) in a jargon-free manner. Newton emphasizes the podcast's commitment to simplicity and clarity, aiming to make it accessible even to non-tech enthusiasts.

He starts by addressing the misconceptions surrounding IT, clarifying its definition and distinguishing it from computer science. Newton breaks down IT as the utilization of computerized systems to manage electronic data to fulfill human needs, emphasizing the importance of data in the field.

The episode traces the origins of IT back to ancient civilizations, particularly highlighting the contributions of the Sumerians, who invented writing for effective communication. Newton guides listeners through the evolution of IT from the pre-mechanical era to the digital age, mentioning key inventions like the Antikythera Mechanism and the emergence of electricity.

Furthermore, he discusses the electromechanical era and the electronic era, marked by significant advancements in data processing devices and the coining of the term “Information Technology” in 1958. Newton concludes by reflecting on the current technological landscape, showcasing the advancements in supercomputing, AI, and quantum computing.

Throughout the episode, Newton maintains a conversational tone, making complex concepts understandable to all listeners. He concludes with an invitation for listeners to continue exploring related topics in subsequent episodes, emphasizing the importance of supporting the podcast to spread knowledge about technology.

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