In this episode, co-hosts Elias and Newton take their audience on a captivating journey as they discuss recent news and trends in the AI landscape. From AI's role in traffic enforcement using cameras to ensure road safety and rule adherence, to the recent case of AI automating away the jobs of journalists at Gizmodo, the hosts dissect the profound impact of automation on various industries. They shed light on the pressing issue of job displacement, particularly in non-essential sectors, where AI automation is rapidly erasing job opportunities, often without regulatory safeguards. Japan's decision to boycott popular LLM chatbots in favor of developing their own language-tailored AI chatbot is examined, uncovering the intricate relationship between culture and AI. The podcast also delves into the latest copyright lawsuit filed against OpenAI, exploring its implications for intellectual property in the AI realm. And the co-hosts introduce listeners to Y3000, an AI-created Coca-Cola drink boasting the “taste of the future,” and they discuss the growing integration of AI in the world of cinema, transforming the landscape of storytelling and filmmaking. Tune in and join them as they weigh in on the¬† dynamic world of AI.


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