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#23 Figure 01: Robot of the future, Cognition Labs set to redefine SDLC, EU passes world’s first comprehensive AI law, Anthropic releases Claude 3, Drama between Elon Musk and Sam Altman, New AI regulations in India

In this episode of AI Nexus, hosts Elias and Newton delve into the latest developments in the world of artificial intelligence, exploring groundbreaking innovations, impending regulations, and notable controversies that shape the AI landscape. The hosts kicked off the discussion by highlighting recent AI news, including Emad Mostaque stepping down as Stable Diffusion CEO, the […]

ai nexus episodes

#22 SORA: New OpenAI marvel, Emotion Prompts could be a thing, Gemini: The truth about AI Biases

In this episode of AI Nexus, hosts Elias and Newton delve deeper into the dynamic landscape of artificial intelligence, dissecting recent advancements and emerging challenges. Their conversation kicks off with a fascinating exploration of the power of language in interacting with AI chatbots like ChatGPT. Elias and Newton discuss the concept of “emotion prompts”, highlighting […]

Ai in polutted watters
ai nexus episodes

#21 Tech layoffs are back, AI powered-scams on the rise, Cerulean: AI combats pollution, Taylor Swift’s deepfake scandal gets White House worried

In this episode of AI Nexus, Elias and Newton delve into the multifaceted impacts of artificial intelligence on society. They begin by addressing the alarming rise of online scams facilitated by AI technology, highlighting the need for increased vigilance in the digital landscape. The conversation takes a sobering turn as the hosts discuss the resurgence […]

ai nexus episodes

#20 Japan leading the war on digital deepfakes, Humanoid robots as butlers, GPT store launch, Free official Prompt Guide from OpenAI, INTEL’s Articul8 AI, NYT goes after ChatGPT

In this episode of AI Nexus, hosts Elias and Newton dive into the latest and most exciting developments in the world of artificial intelligence ushering in the new year of 2024.  The episode kicks off with the groundbreaking news of OpenAI's much-anticipated GPT store launch. With over 3 million GPTs and counting, the store features […]

ai nexus episodes

#19 AI predictions for 2024, The Rite Aid scandal, Apple to support LLMs, EU supports AI startups, LAION in hot water

In this riveting episode of AI Nexus, co-hosts Elias and Newton dive deep into the latest trends and breaking news in the world of Artificial Intelligence. They unravel intriguing predictions surrounding AI in 2024, drawing insights from influential figures like Bill Gates.  The episode kicks off with a spotlight on Apple's ambitious plans to enhance […]

ai nexus episodes

#18 Europe leading on AI regulations, Google’s Gemini a flop? Amazon’s ‘Q’ chatbot, Meta’s SeamlessExpressive, Elon’s Grok: The rebellious AI chatbot

In this podcast episode the hosts Elias & Newton delve into the latest developments in the AI landscape. They kick off the discussion by highlighting the Provisional Agreement reached recently by Europe on the EU AI Act, a set of rules aimed at governing and shaping the trajectory of AI development in the region.  The […]

ai nexus episodes

#17 OpenAI vs Sam Altman Saga Explained

In this riveting episode of AI Nexus podcast, co-host Elias and Newton peel back the layers of the recent seismic events at OpenAI, where co-founder Sam Altman found himself ousted by the very board he helped assemble. The duo navigates through the intricate web of the failed coup d'état, shedding light on both the known […]

AI Nexus Podcast Episode 16
ai nexus episodes

#16 Latest in AI (Humane’s AI Pin, Woodpecker: a cure for AI Hallucinations?, Beatles final song released, Nighshade to combat copyright crimes, Who is really winning the race for AI Cloud Services?)

In this engaging podcast episode, co-hosts Elias and Newton kick-off the discussion with the fascinating use of AI in producing the Beatles' final song, “Now and Then,” showcasing the potential of artificial intelligence in the creative sphere. The hosts explore a disruptive tool named “Nightshade,” designed to empower artists by allowing them to embed their […]

ai nexus episodes

#15 Latest in AI (OpenAI Paid Residency, The AI Hardware Hustle, AI Predicts Hurricane, Nodes 23 AI Event)

In this engaging episode, hosts Elias and Newton delve into the intriguing world of artificial intelligence, building upon the previous episode's tantalizing cliffhanger. The episode resumes with a candid discussion about the fantastic Residency Program from OpenAI, designed to beckon AI enthusiasts into a paid opportunity that facilitates their transition into the captivating realm of […]

ai nexus episodes

#14 Latest in AI (AI in the Israel-Hamas War, Meta Announces AI Assistant, Has OpenAI Cracked AGI with JARVIS?)

In this riveting episode, hosts Elias and Newton delve into the pivotal role played by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. They meticulously explore the multifaceted impact of AI technology, highlighting both its beneficial and detrimental aspects in the context of warfare. Shifting gears, the co-hosts dissect recent headlines, starting […]

ai nexus episodes

#13 Latest in AI (AI Hallucinations: A Threat to the Internet, WGA Strike Over, Ray-Ban Meta Eyeglasses, Google Extended Tool, AI and Environmental Sustainability)

In this episode of AI Nexus, hosts Elias and Newton delve deep into the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence. They kick off the discussion by highlighting the breakneck speed at which the AI industry is changing, emphasizing the concerning trend of hastily released and poorly tested AI solutions flooding the market. Just a year […]

ai nexus episodes

#12 Latest in AI (AI traffic police, Gizmodo journalists automated away, Japan builds its own ChatGPT, Y3000 the AI drink with a taste of the future)

In this episode, co-hosts Elias and Newton take their audience on a captivating journey as they discuss recent news and trends in the AI landscape. From AI's role in traffic enforcement using cameras to ensure road safety and rule adherence, to the recent case of AI automating away the jobs of journalists at Gizmodo, the […]

ai nexus episodes

#11 Latest in AI (Snapchat AI goes rogue. $2.99 to speak to AI Satan. Jobs most at risk of AI replacement. AI under fire for crediting Adolph Hitler. AI in the Military. Google’s SynthID)

In this episode Elias and Newton engage in a deep and multifaceted discussion on the latest trends and news within the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Their conversation spans a wide range of topics, offering insightful analysis and thought-provoking commentary. They kick off the episode by delving into Google's innovative tool, SynthID. A  tool with […]

ai nexus episodes

#9 The Funniest AI of Them All

In a surprising twist, co-hosts Elias and Newton present an engaging and lighthearted episode that explores the humorous side of artificial intelligence. The co-hosts took it upon themselves to settle once and for all which AI Large Language Model (LLM) possesses the greatest comedic prowess and thus is the funniest of them all. They evaluate […]

ai nexus episodes

#8 Latest in AI (Copyrighting AI-generated content, Ambiguity in User Data TOS, AI Tools to Turbocharge your Business)

In this captivating episode, dynamic co-host duo Elias and Newton delve into the multifaceted landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) for businesses and entrepreneurs. They navigate through the treacherous waters of AI adoption, shedding light on how numerous enterprises inadvertently squander resources in their AI integration efforts. Legal intricacies come to the forefront as the hosts […]

ai nexus episodes

#5 Latest in AI

In this episode, your favorite co-hosts Elias and Newton, openly discuss and weigh-in on the latest news and intriguing trends in the rapidly evolving field of AI. From cutting-edge advancements in building constructions and medical use cases, to thought-provoking ethical considerations, they tackle a diverse range of topics, making this episode a must-listen for both […]

ai nexus episodes

#4 The Singularity

In this episode, co-hosts Elias and Newton tackle the intriguing topic of AI Singularity. Throughout the episode, they explore the essence of the singularity, shedding light on its fundamental aspects. Additionally, they engage in discussions surrounding Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and the potential implications the singularity might have on humanity. They also touch upon the […]

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