In this riveting episode, hosts Elias and Newton delve into the pivotal role played by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. They meticulously explore the multifaceted impact of AI technology, highlighting both its beneficial and detrimental aspects in the context of warfare.

Shifting gears, the co-hosts dissect recent headlines, starting with Meta's groundbreaking development: their creation of an Meta AI Chatbot Assistant, an advanced conversational assistant that’s available on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram, and is coming to Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses and Quest 3. A unique AI assistant that can give you real-time information and generate photorealistic images from your text prompts in seconds to share with friends, accompanied by the introduction of 28 celebrity characters for public interaction on it's messaging apps. 

Elias and Newton critically evaluate the capabilities and significance of Meta's new AI assistant, questioning the necessity of these additional features. They ponder whether these innovations come at the expense of refining existing chatbots which at the moment, are plagued by regular AI hallucinations, a topic sparking heated debate in the AI community.

Continuing their discussion, the hosts shed light on Microsoft and Google's latest AI tools, specifically designed to streamline the workload of healthcare professionals. These tools promise to save time and energy by automating the process of checking individual medical devices for information, marking a significant advancement in the intersection of AI and healthcare.

The episode takes an intriguing turn as Elias and Newton explore OpenAI's ambitious plans to unveil their autonomous agent, Jarvis, at DevDay. The hosts engage in a thought-provoking discourse on whether OpenAI's latest creation signifies a breakthrough in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). The conversation leaves listeners on the edge of their seats, contemplating the future of AI technology at a time when nothing seems certain anymore.

The episode's depth and complexity compel the hosts to extend the discussion into a second part, inviting listeners to tune in to the next episode for a conclusion.


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