In this engaging episode, hosts Elias and Newton delve into the intriguing world of artificial intelligence, building upon the previous episode's tantalizing cliffhanger. The episode resumes with a candid discussion about the fantastic Residency Program from OpenAI, designed to beckon AI enthusiasts into a paid opportunity that facilitates their transition into the captivating realm of AI.

The hosts pivot into the heart of the matter, exploring the current frenzy in the tech landscape – the “AI Hardware Hustle.” The leading Pioneers in AI development are fervently seeking to go their own way and construct their own chips and essential AI infrastructure, aiming to break NVIDIA's near monopoly on the GPU AI market. This competitive wave promises to reshape the future of AI technology.

Awe-inspiringly, the conversation shifts to AI's prowess in predicting natural disasters. Highlighted by the recent accurate prediction of Hurricane Lee, the hosts contemplate the future where AI might surprise humanity by mitigating pressing environmental crises. They ponder the potential of AI to tackle a myriad of issues, including weather disasters, pollution, and recycling, offering a glimmer of hope in the face of global challenges.

The episode culminates with a vibrant call to action. The hosts urge listeners to attend the upcoming NODES 23 AI Conference, slated for tomorrow, October 26th. Their passionate encouragement extends to all AI enthusiasts, urging them to attend not only for networking opportunities but also to immerse themselves in the wealth of knowledge available, discovering innovative ways to build smarter and faster AI models.


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