In a surprising twist, co-hosts Elias and Newton present an engaging and lighthearted episode that explores the humorous side of artificial intelligence. The co-hosts took it upon themselves to settle once and for all which AI Large Language Model (LLM) possesses the greatest comedic prowess and thus is the funniest of them all.

They evaluate and score the funniest jokes from the four prominent LLMs: ChatGPT (3.5), Bard, Bing, and Claude 2. The episode takes listeners on an entertaining journey through AI-generated stand-up comedy routines, unveiling the distinctive comedic personas of each LLM. 

At the end, one LLM was declared the ultimate “AI King of Comedy”, forever laying to rest all doubts on the matter.

Through this exercise, the co-hosts inadvertently exposed potential hidden facets and quirks of the AI systems examined, rekindling doubts about whether these AIs actually know more than they are telling.

Listeners will never look at each LLM the same way after listening to this episode.


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