In this episode Elias and Newton engage in a deep and multifaceted discussion on the latest trends and news within the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Their conversation spans a wide range of topics, offering insightful analysis and thought-provoking commentary.

They kick off the episode by delving into Google's innovative tool, SynthID. A  tool with ambitious aspirations of becoming the global standard for detecting images generated by AI.

The hosts turn their attention to a unique chatbot that enables users to engage in conversations with biblical characters. Adding a controversial twist, they discuss how a paid subscription allows individuals to interact with an AI representation of Satan. This leads to a contemplation of the ethical and cultural dimensions of this technological development.

The podcast then takes a critical look at the Detroit police department's utilization of facial recognition AI models. Elias and Newton emphasize how these systems have mistakenly identified civilians, resulting in wrongful arrests. Their conversation underscores the ethical considerations and the accuracy challenges posed by such technology.

A rather eerie incident is discussed, involving the malfunction of the popular Snapchat AI chatbot – My AI. This malfunction caused widespread concern among users and prompted many to remove the app from their phones. Elias and Newton ponder the potential risks associated with reliance on AI for user interactions and its impact on user trust.

AI's role in the military takes center stage as the co-hosts explore its integration into tactical warfare. They weigh the advantages and concerns associated with AI adoption in military operations, reflecting on the evolving landscape of defense technology.

The hosts also share results from reputable studies which categorize jobs based on their susceptibilities to automation by AI. They List out these job roles categorized from high-risk to low-risk of replacement by automation. 

A thought-provoking topic is broached when Elias and Newton discuss Google's SGE AI, which controversially ranks figures like Adolf Hitler among the world's greatest and most effective leaders.

The podcast episode underscores concerns about the reliability of AI chatbots, emphasizing the necessity for thorough testing and validation of fitness for public use. Elias and Newton encapsulate the multifaceted nature of AI trends, controversies, and unintended consequences in a comprehensive and engaging discussion.


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