AI Nexus Podcast Episode 16

In this engaging podcast episode, co-hosts Elias and Newton kick-off the discussion with the fascinating use of AI in producing the Beatles' final song, “Now and Then,” showcasing the potential of artificial intelligence in the creative sphere.

The hosts explore a disruptive tool named “Nightshade,” designed to empower artists by allowing them to embed their digital signatures in their digital artwork. This innovative approach aims to combat art theft and unauthorized use by integrating a layer of protection before artists publish their creations online.

Another highlight of the episode is the introduction of “WoodPecker,” a tool with the capability to correct AI hallucinations in generated text from Multimodal Large Language models. The hosts shed light on its potential impact on refining the accuracy of AI-generated content and redeeming the lost integrity of internet information.

Listeners are treated to insights on the highly anticipated AI PIN gadget, hailed by Time magazine as “one of the best inventions of 2023”. This wearable AI personal assistant is poised to set new standards in advanced technology, promising users a seamless and intelligent experience.

The episode wraps up with a discussion on the latest data suggesting that Microsoft is taking the lead in the race for AI Cloud services, outpacing industry giants Amazon and Google. The hosts analyse the implications of this development and its potential impact on the future landscape of AI services. 

Overall, the episode offers a captivating exploration of the latest trends and innovations in the ever-evolving field of artificial intelligence, in the next episode the duo delve properly into the ongoing saga between OpenAI and its renowned founder Sam Altman.


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