In this riveting episode of AI Nexus podcast, co-host Elias and Newton peel back the layers of the recent seismic events at OpenAI, where co-founder Sam Altman found himself ousted by the very board he helped assemble. The duo navigates through the intricate web of the failed coup d'état, shedding light on both the known facts and the shadowy theories surrounding Altman's dramatic departure and return.


The hosts dissect the behind-the-scenes dynamics, offering exclusive insights on Altman's rollercoaster journey, from his initial co-founding days to this shocking attempt to replace him in a company he is still traveling around the world to promote.  


The co-hosts unravel the mysteries surrounding the CSET paper co-authored by Helen Toner, speculated by many as a catalyst for the uprising. The duo also weighs in on Q* (Q Star), the rumored OpenAI breakthrough in AGI, exploring its potential impact on the company's fate.


Drawing from reports by Reuters and The Information, the hosts delve into the details of Q* and its capabilities in solving elementary math problems—an ostensibly small feat but with profound implications for artificial general intelligence.


The conversation doesn't stop at Altman's exit and return; it extends into the uncharted territory of OpenAI's future under a new Board of Directors, with a possibly altered trajectory in AI development and commercialization.


Tune in for a thought-provoking exploration of power and innovation as Elias and Newton weigh in on the evolving landscape of one of the most influential companies in the AI sphere.


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