In this riveting episode of AI Nexus, co-hosts Elias and Newton dive deep into the latest trends and breaking news in the world of Artificial Intelligence. They unravel intriguing predictions surrounding AI in 2024, drawing insights from influential figures like Bill Gates.

 The episode kicks off with a spotlight on Apple's ambitious plans to enhance its mobile devices, making them capable of supporting Large Language Models (LLMs) and other resource-intensive AI computations. Elias and Newton explore the potential implications of this technological leap, particularly for the vast community of Apple users worldwide.

 The conversation then shifts to the European Union's groundbreaking initiative to expand access to its high-performance computing supercomputers for AI model training by startups. However, there's a catch—startups must align with the EU's robust AI governance program to gain entry. The co-hosts dissect the challenges and opportunities this presents for budding AI innovators in Europe.

 In a thought-provoking segment, Elias and Newton tackle the controversial decision to remove the LAION-5B machine learning dataset, used by major AI products, due to alarming findings from a Stanford study. The dataset's association with suspected instances of child sexual abuse material raises ethical concerns and prompts a broader discussion on responsible AI development and usage.

 The episode concludes with a gripping exploration of the Rite Aid scandal, where the U.S. drugstore giant faces a five-year ban on utilizing facial recognition software. The Federal Trade Commission's ruling sheds light on Rite Aid's 'reckless use' of AI-powered surveillance systems, which not only compromised customer privacy but also exposed sensitive information. Elias and Newton dissect the implications of this case and reflect on the growing importance of ethical AI practices in corporate landscapes.


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