In this episode, your favorite co-hosts Elias and Newton, openly discuss and weigh-in on the latest news and intriguing trends in the rapidly evolving field of AI. From cutting-edge advancements in building constructions and medical use cases, to thought-provoking ethical considerations, they tackle a diverse range of topics, making this episode a must-listen for both tech enthusiasts and curious minds seeking to stay informed on the forefront of AI innovation.


1.      Generative AI in Architecture: The co-hosts talk about how a designer named Hassan Ragab is using generative AI software called “Mid-Journey” to create artful architecture. They discuss how architects are embracing AI tools to design new kinds of buildings and the potential impact on the field.


2.      AI-Powered Scams: The co-hosts discuss the concerning rise of criminals using AI to turbocharge scams. They highlight the use of AI-generated voice deep fakes in phone scams and social engineering techniques to deceive victims.


3.      Ethical Challenges of Chatbots: The hosts delve into the latest in generative AI and chatbots, specifically focusing on a medical chatbot that gave dangerous advice to a fake patient, indicating the potential ethical issues and dangers associated with AI-powered chatbots.


4.      Need for Ethical AI Development: They emphasize the need to prioritize ethicality and safety in AI chatbot development to prevent harm to individuals and society at large.


5.      The Turing Test: The co-hosts briefly touch on the Turing test and how it was once considered an achievement for AI to be indistinguishable from humans, but now they argue that an “anti-Turing test” is necessary to ensure AI doesn't create content that is identical to real content.


6.      Staying Current with AI Developments: The podcast concludes with the co-hosts encouraging listeners to stay curious and engaged with the exciting world of technology, particularly AI.


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