AI Nexus Podcast Episode 6

In this two-part episode, co-hosts Elias and Newton delve into the world of AI legislations and its effects on the ongoing Actors and Writers strike. This first-half begins with a candid discussion on global AI regulations, touching on recent strides undertaken by the EU and the US government. The hosts then explore the intriguing influence of AI-generated content on the entertainment industry, sparking a captivating revelation on creativity and labor dynamics. This episode concludes with a fascinating ChatGPT experience, setting the stage for an enthralling continuation in the second-half, be sure to tune in for that.


·        The European Parliament's vote to adopt the EU AI Act to regulate artificial intelligence based on risk categories: minimal risk, limited risk, high risk, and unacceptable risk systems.

·        AI Tech Giants, including Google, Microsoft, Meta (Facebook), Amazon, OpenAI, Anthropic, and Inflection, agreed to voluntary AI regulations with the US government.

·        The ongoing writer and actor strikes in the entertainment industry due to issues like fair wages and residuals for streaming shows.

·        The potential use of generative AI to replace actors and writers in the entertainment industry.

·        The implications of widespread AI adoption, including potential unemployment and the need for universal basic income.

·        The rumored declining performance of GPT-3.5 (and GPT -4) and the emergence of other new AI models.

·        The limitations and challenges faced by conversational AI models like GPT-3.5, including misinformation and grammar issues.


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