In this compelling sequel to the previous episode, Elias and Newton hint on the probable degradation of OpenAI's GPT Chatbots.

They elucidate the significance of the recent Llama 2 release as an open-source platform in the world of artificial intelligence, explaining why this moment is crucial for the AI community and why everyone should pay attention to its implications.

To empower their listeners, the co-hosts share some valuable articles and information on free AI kits, encouraging the audience to deepen their understanding of generative AI and providing them with options and tools to embark on their own journey of building AI SaaS companies.

The hosts also discuss how major players in the industry, like Adobe, have imposed restrictions on their employees concerning the use of generative AI products.

Furthermore, the episode takes a fascinating turn as Elias and Newton explore cutting-edge AI solutions attempting to predict and prevent crimes before they occur. They examine the efforts of the Japanese police to develop similar technology, raising important ethical and privacy concerns.

Tune in to this thought-provoking episode to gain insights into the future of GPT chatbots, the significance of Llama 2's release, and the latest developments in the AI landscape. 


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