twn recommendation 5

What truly sets Newton apart is his exceptional leadership and communication skills. He has an innate talent for fostering collaboration and building strong relationships across cross-functional teams. Newton adeptly guided our teams through complex projects, ensuring alignment and fostering a positive work environment. His ability to listen actively and empathize with stakeholders played a pivotal […]

twn recommendation 4

I had the pleasure of working with him as a colleague, and he truly excelled in app development consultancy and project management. Newton’s leadership skills were exceptional, fostering collaboration within our team. He was approachable, listened to others’ ideas, and created an environment where everyone felt valued. His ability to inspire and motivate team members […]

twn recommendation 2

I have had the privilege of working with Newton for almost 2 years at Newton’s ability to understand market dynamics, customer needs, and competitive landscapes is exemplary. Throughout our professional relationship, he has consistently displayed an impressive level of dedication, strategic thinking, and attention to detail, which have resulted in the successful launch and […]

TWN recommendation 1

I got in touch with Newton for some career advising and he was remarkably able to help straight away. He managed to help with better defining my professional and personal interests and objectives just after a few conversations, eventually coming up with a documented action-plan that impressed me for its accuracy and completeness. I would […]

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